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DEVOPS is a trend in IT sector, if you are Developer or System Administrator or even Tester all you had ear about DEVOp’s.

Even more important  our Bosses had also ear about and think is great and will solve everything in a couple of seconds.

For sometime i had work and was the architect of DEVOP’s sported projects i even had give mentoring related with this topic.

Last week i had been reviewing a book i would like i had read at the begining of my DEVOP’s road and i am sure is a great book to help the ones whos strating or deciding about DEVOP’s.

But even more important you can read for free the first 6 chapters that are the most important!


you can download it here


Free light technical ebooks

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Anouncements

Many developers and development researcher’s need have a quick but strong KB to decide if this technology is a go for you or not.

Some times  Succinctly is the way to start.

Syncfusion had release some straight foward technicam ebooks that help us to have a first overview over development technologies in a succinctly way but granting a strong core knowldge, i recomend you to take a look at:




My new travel companion

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Anouncements
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Every day i do a train trip of almost 2 hours, i have a new book with me that i suggest to all that want to really understand a lot about Web mindset, pattern’s Trends UX and development.

I am talking about the new Smashing Magazine book i have not read all yet, but each page i had read had worth each second and has been great until now to remember and learn.

I think this can be a good Weapon on your KB arsenal, don’t miss! 😉


The Windows 8 Apps with XAML and C# Unleashed  publisher had ask me some months ago to help in the review of Adam Nathan book.

Windows 8 Apps with XAML and C# Unleashed

I must confess when I begin to read the book to make a review, my expectations wasn´t to high.

But it was a nice surprise. This is one of the most refreshing technical books I had read lately. I had learn a lot with the author, who reveal himself in each chapter a great teacher.

I had been in the front line of Windows Store apps development, since the release of the first beta of windows 8, i have at the moment a lot of code developed for windows 8, and a lot of work in mentoring/Teaching of Windows 8. This is now the book I would recommend to anyone who want to learn Windows 8 mindset and development using XAML/C# for the operating system.

This book is a great knowledge asset for beginners or advanced developers. I would like to had read this book sooner and I am sure I would had quick learning curve of Windows store aps Xaml/C# development.

Is a true high class technical Book.