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The HTML working Group of W3C had published on 28 October a stable Version of the HTML 5 recommendation. A lot had happen since this group had start to work some years ago:

  • The browser wars had stop;
  • The running for new features support by browsers had start;
  • Mobile and cloud had rise in the technical and business Panorama;
  • HTML had become a universa Frontend language for almos every device not only on the browser form but also as a language known by some operating systems;


Web standards for the future from W3C on Vimeo.

For this specification HTML Group had listen and involved a lot of Companies, had invite to make part of the group some of the Biggest Software  Builders (like Microsoft, Google or Apple ), and also ask for contributions of almost a 10000 Software Development Professionals. A great effort and a right choice i would say.

The Web community had been real evolved and a lot off the features had been being tested in the real world almost at the same time they had been written.

With the elaboration of this specification/recommendation the development society had also look again to HTML5 from a real technical view seeing the great potential of this language:

  • Is a XML based Dialect;
  • Is a flexible language with semantic association;
  • Is a metadata language that can be easy manipulated by other programming languages;

Besides of that HTML development community is made of a lot of different competencies and enthusiastic people.

This certification is also a great opportunity for us to start making Web web better, more efficient more semantic driven and more equal since with the introduction of some new tags is simpler to think and build accessibility solutions.

Besides using HTML 5 in development since the beginning of the specification, i had been speaking in public conferences and teaching HTML 5 and is parent technologies for at east 4 years, so i see this specification as a real opportunity to make the final result of our work better then today.

Is also a pleasure to see how well written is the specification at this moment and to had the opportunity to collaborate with some reviews and comments to this.

Now is the time to make a real call to Developers and UX specialists and Designers, beouse HTML 5 is on every platform by the browser view and is also running natively in some OS platforms, the end of the certification phase means that at this momment we can use everything HTML has to  offer but also that he have to adapt to the evolution of the technology a lot of things had change.

One of the main challenges i can imagine is the use of HTML native tags in the place where nowadays some frontend magicians use JavaScript and Silverlight.

Also a major challenge is what’s happening around HTML 5, a lot of Javascript technologies are arising and is important to choose wisely. From my point of view Jquery, Angular JS, LESS and Backbone are solid technologies that respect the base idea of HTML5 and that can be a great complement to your base document.

I would like to finish this post congratulating the HTM group for the excellent work done and saying thanks to allow the contribution from this side, and also to remember my brothers in code that:

  • HTML is basely the base to define the document is the information and metadata associated with that;
  • beautiful layout is CSS not HTML
  • Animation is Javascript

The 3 together make great solutions but each technology should be used for his intent.

To learn HTML 5 or remind concepts go to:

To see the w3c communication go to



HTML 5 quick start

Posted: March 21, 2012 in HTML 5
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Since half of the year off 2011 HTML 5 had become a growing star in the development community and business, some off the fault are of Steve Jobs you may say, but the true is HTML 5 is a great improvement in markup world and Client server applications.

Since the date i start developing in talking teaching and discussing HTML 5 about a year and half ago every day someone ask me how to start, what course should get what book.

Well today i had been viewing the Belgium Tech Days 2012 and i recommend this video from Jeff Prosise to everyone, even for the ones who think they know everything about HTML 5  (silverlight needed).