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Was in the last Wednesday, the microsoft event named Azure [R]Evolution. I this event was presented to the portuguese technology community the different aspects where Azure could be a benefit and what had changed since the meetAzure worldwide event.

Like i had announced, i was invited to be one of the speaker’s of this event. The presentation went well and now i share here the slides of that presentation feel free to download and use for you knowledge achievement.

For the ones who don’t speak portuguese or that hadn’t the opportunities to go to my presentation, in the theme parte i would say that if you view the two links bellow you will catch also the message that i had passed on last Wednesday.

Thanks Microsoft for the opportunity is always a pleasure to share Technical KB.

HTML 5 quick start

Posted: March 21, 2012 in HTML 5
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Since half of the year off 2011 HTML 5 had become a growing star in the development community and business, some off the fault are of Steve Jobs you may say, but the true is HTML 5 is a great improvement in markup world and Client server applications.

Since the date i start developing in talking teaching and discussing HTML 5 about a year and half ago every day someone ask me how to start, what course should get what book.

Well today i had been viewing the Belgium Tech Days 2012 and i recommend this video from Jeff Prosise to everyone, even for the ones who think they know everything about HTML 5  (silverlight needed).