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Posted: November 24, 2015 in Events
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Many times long the year maybe you had ear me saying that this is the year of the Web Technologies. Today I write to say that in 2 December the ones that are in Lisbon our over the world via streaming will have a great opportunity to understand why.


On 2 December on their Lisbon Offices Microsoft brings the WebCamp event. A great event covering all Web Stack, even and especially if you are outside Microsoft Stack this event is for you.

More than just the trends and the great KB, this event is crowed with some off the best speakers in the field.


If you are interested in the Web technologies definitely in this event you can get what’s happening on top industry today.

More about this event at


MSDN magazine october issue brings a lot off great Windows 10 content for developers and architects.


The authors discuss in big technical detail some of the hardest topics on app development nowadays, like integrations or adaptive and responsive design. Also Kevin Gallo as a great article making a wrap-up.