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This is a current question, with Windows 10 it looks like you had lost the capacity to find the password you use for your Wi-Fi connection.

In this short hands on I will try to show you, how I normally do when I am having this challenge

First go to your wi-fi connection icon


And right click with your mouse

Choose the open Network & internet settings option, and you will navigate to the screen of Network configurations, on the left side off the screen choose the Wi-Fi option

You will see some of the Wi-Fi properties, and the name off the network you are currently connected. After that on the right side off the screen choose the option change adapter options.


You will see the following screen opening

This screen will be different depending the number off network adapters you have in your computer. Right click on the Wi-Fi connection and choose the status option.

Once you cick on the status option you will be reirected to the status of the network adapter. On this screen choose the Properties button

This properties button will forward you to the Internal properties off the Wi-Fi adapter.On this screen choose the Security tab

On the security screen you will have all the security option you had choose to configure your Wi-Fi adapter, clicking on the show charaters, the stored password will appear


Hope this post is usefull for you who are strieveing with this topic

MSDN magazine october issue brings a lot off great Windows 10 content for developers and architects.


The authors discuss in big technical detail some of the hardest topics on app development nowadays, like integrations or adaptive and responsive design. Also Kevin Gallo as a great article making a wrap-up.

A lot had been said lately about Windows 10 and even UWP development model and all the story off the new app model had been almost 90% of times told using XAML as the main language.

I think this has been done this way essentially (also taking my example in the talks and seminars about UWP I had been done lately) because is easier to explain the changes and the Architecture of Windows 10 using C# and XAML. Something that as been in the air and some architects and developers heads is what had happen to Language projection system and the availability to build native apps using HTML and javascript as the main development language?


The image above illustrates in a simplified way the form how Windows 8.1 development model was organized when we talk about Universal Windows Store APPS, nowadays the support had been maintained but the target of our development had become the Universal Windows Platform.



The good news is that all the development techonologies and the hot feature of having HTL and Javascript as a equal citizen on the Windows platform development had been maintained, also the support for the development using C++.

This is great because there are apps where Xaml is great and a way to go and then there are other type off apps where HTML and JavaScript can have greater benefits. What had change was the introduction of the UWP and the change of or development target.

Now that we have already clean up the noise in the air and had read the good news let’s talk about the great news J.

Last Month had been launched WinJS 4.0 with Is great once we have Windows 10 almost in all our pc’s.

WinJs 4.0 full supports Windows 10 features and take benefits from the One Platform features, but was been released with support to the latest versions of the Browsers including the new Microsoft Edge.

Besides off performance and new controls from my point off view the biggest improvements of WinJS 4.0 is the wrappers available over other great JavaScript technologies such as:

  • Angular JS;
  • KnockoutJS;

And off course being a Javascript platform it also supports the interaction with other great script libraries like JQuery or TypeScript.

New blocks on the playground

The WinJs also brings some new control blocks like:

PivotCostumer header areas;

SplitViewToggle Control: Supports Pane Style navigation pattern over SplitView;

New visual for the Hub Control;

At the structure level had been also some changes with WInJS 4.0 we must opt-in to styling each element we create in place of using new attributes only available at the WinJs Universe. Can look like a small change but this feature brings a lot of benefits especially in terms of other libraries compatibility and easier usage off CSS native cascating mechanism.

One new best practice that is directed related with the UWP and the vast type of devices supported in Windows 10 is the usage off the plataform detection using the WinJS instruction WinJS.Utilities.isPhone, nowadays this should be made detecting the capabilities available in the device or by adaptative development.

Other fantastic news is that the product team of WinJS had open moe than ever to the communities the information about the state off the art, so you have a changelog that is updated in real time on and they are already working on version 4.0.1.

You can get the latest version of WinJS for web from or for apps from the SDK.

Some Things that worth your attention

Like in the past there still some Controls that exist on XAML that are not available on WinJS for the same reasons happening in the past is the case off the calendar or datepicker.

As the top reason Product Group Team said that for this kind of technology theres so many options

there are some great references for WinJS 4.0:

Winjs everywhere:


ChangeLog WinJS:

A preview to WinJS 4.0:

So take some action and strat building with WinJS 😉

Tomorow i and Sara Silva will help you with the first steps of how to build Win 10 apps webcast. The webcast will be deliver in portuguese, join us
to know more about this world wide event go to

Last 22 april i had the opportunity to speak at the Microsoft MVP Showcase 2015. Like i had said in the past this was  the first full prepared event by MVP’S with the presence on the stage off some off the Portuguese MVP’s


Was a great event with around 85 persons interested into dive a little more in the latest information about Microsoft Technology.

I had the pleasure to make one-off the first Windows 10 development talks in my session. The main objective of my session was to give to developer’s a background of what’s coming and what the steps to start his preparation to Windows 10 right away.

DSC09559The main focus was in the Universal application platform, that will be the target of our code in Windows 10 development. Was also a good chance to talk a little about the adaptive interface previewed for Windows 10 development.


You can download the full slide and sample version at Windows 10 devlopment a preview mvp showcase 2015 pt .

Was really nie to take part in this event i hope this was the first from a big series of interesting events promoted by the MVP’s from Portugal.

I Would like also to thanks once more to our sponsors who had help us with the event.


With a lot coming on the technical press about Windows 10, and also the lack of knowledge about Windows 10 this had been one of the sentences i had ear a lot in the past months:

“What’s the best way to prepare the further ahead for Windows 10?” – clients


“What’s the way to get start developing for Windows 10 with so few information for non NDA developer’s” – developer


“I would like to see my app present in Windows 10 at his launch? How can we do that?” – Marketing and It client


Windows 10 is coming to every device the ecosystem keeps going from a device centric orientation to a cross device orientation, considering that the best way to be future ready in the Windows platform would be to go to Universal  development.


So the best way to plan the future in Windows Store is to build Universal Windows Apps or to promote Windows 8 and 8.1 to Universal App this from a enterprise and brand prespective, but also from a developer perspective.

If you are a brand know that by embracing the challenge of having a Windows Universal app you are planing for all the Windows platform ecosystem, this means Windows tablet, computers, hybrids and also Phone. You are also respecting the already known guidelines for Windows 10.



For the developer’s who hadn’t start yet developing Windows Universal Apps i would suggest you to take a look at the following material:

If you need any help or have some doubts feel free to contact me.

Windows 10 continues to grow and their bits are almost ready for all of us use as our cross-platform operating system.

One of the main question off all Windows platforms users is how Windows 10 will behave on Windows 10.

For MVP’s, technology passionate and Windows platform developers we are anxious to start studying and developing for Windows 10 on the phone.

For the ones who want to use Windows 10 Preview on the phone today only the follow Lumias are eligible (Source Microsoft):

  • Lumia 630
  • Lumia 635
  • Lumia 636
  • Lumia 638
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 830

For the ones who had not seen nothing about Windows 10, i sugest you to listen about Windows 10 on the phone from the words of Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore in the following Video.