Sharepoint Saturday Lisbon

Posted: November 22, 2017 in Sharepoint 2016

Last Saturday Lisbon had recieved at Microsoft Offices Sharepoint Saturday event. Was a excelent and very well organized event.


Was a great and inspiring event, is amazing what had happen to Sharepoint in the lost couple of years.

Branding that was always a big chalenge in Sharepoint development had elevated the game now to a all new level thanks to the SPFX extensions.

Was a great event with very interesting speakers and valuable insights. Thank you guys and keep the good work.


Today i had the chance to be the speaker of a live stream  Masterclass on the Microsoft Journey to WebSummit initiative.

The topic of my Masterclass was Progressive Web Application introductions and the long path we had walk until this moment. In my opinion Progressive Web Apps may really be the best big thing on Mobile development.


The thing that i had learned while i had been experiencing and digging the PWA concepts is that to be succeeded we most have control of the Mobile Web technical bases and also the PWA Concepts.

In this session the main focus was the angular stones of PWA, and how to build your first PWA, i had spend also sometime around Service Workers that more then a buzz word is the hotwst thing in Web development.

The session was deliver in English and since i hadn’t have any opportunity to interact with the audiance, i was litle seek and a development tool error didn’t allow me to build a full demo from scratch.

You can download the slides of my session and reuse it if you need from

I would share in the next posts some basic concepts and development pratices to:

  • Windows Hosted Web APPS
  • Progressive Web APPS
  • Service Workers


On first October of 2016, i had received a nomination as Microsoft Most Value Professional by Microsoft.



I want to thanks Microsoft for the recognition, and for the opportunity to receive this prize once again and with him the opportunity to help technical communities, technical partners and players to grow and to understand in deep our state of the art.

I Would like also to thanks to:

  • My lovely and beauty wife for the understanding and support on my technical adventures;
  • To my baby daughter for helping me to remember every day how is to be a child, something very similar to be engineer;
  • To all the Persons with i had work in the different technical projects and roles off my career in the past year, are them the responsible and helpers of my legacy;
  • To the other MVP’s who had until now give me all the support and companion to live this technical Passion;
  • My students and persons who i had mentor that had challenge and feed my critical sense and KB hungry;

Is the third time i received this Prize and as the first time i have no words to describe all the motivation this recognition give me.

Is one off the best times to start with the Cross Platform APP if you are a .Net core developer or if you need to build LOB or cross platform apps.

Not only the Mono touch had become a Framework with full support to all the Mobile challenges today, but also is one-off the few platform that allow us to have full integrated a continuous development test and deliver system



If this is all new for you take a look at the follow links to learn what’s happening in Xamarin Devop’s field:

For these days Xamarin is also asking his experts to take development message and to share their knowledge around the world in a coordinated by Xamarin world wide event.

You can see when is your city time at:

In Portugal, Lisbon is the hoster for the event and i will had the pleasure to speak about Xamarin Forms,a technology that have been one excellent tools in my freeller live and in some apps i had launch in the past and had been also a important tool on the company where i work.

Here you have the direct link to the event

if you are in Lisbon don’t louse your chance to have the afternoon hands lab with some off the market experts in corss platform development field.


For some reason almost all solutions we have online use Google Maps to show maps, or allow the user to calculate. After a recent full FrontEnd project with some pure WebDeveoper’s and Microsoft consulting, i think i finally found why.

bing maps

Essentially i think is because almost Web and Script developer’s use Google Maps API at a long time and don’t know how to start with this platform.

In my opinion Bing Maps can be also very interesting to use on a Website depending on the geography or Goals off the project.

In this post we will try to give you a clue off how to start with the use off this Maps platform and also the potential off the platform.

bing mapssite

The main house off Bing Maps resource center os the site where you have a lot off cool and easy to read documentation.

Bing Maps API are available for integration using:

  • JavaScript
  • XAML
  • WebAPI
  • Windows Store apps controls

In this post we will focus our attention on the JavaScript integration off Bing Maps. To start we will do a quick and guided exercise to allow the use off Bing Maps as illustrated on the first image in this post.

In this exercise we will consider JavaScript and HTML as main development language to integrate BingMaps.

To simplify development Microsoft had release an approach off integration based on controls, this option simplifies a lot our Work.

First of all let’s learn how to instantiate the Maps API and the needed control. So in the Head tag of our HTML let’s instantiate the Maps API and the Bing Maps control.

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’; async defer>

The Script tag links our WebPage to the Maps API and refer’s whats the JavaScript Function that will be called to instantiate our Maps control. In our case we are saying that the Map Control functionality will be injected by calling the GetMap function.

In the HTML we will elect a HTML tag to host the Maps control, the selected tag should be a tag with a container genesis, from a semantic Principle i sugest to use a Div. As an example we would have.

We should have a way to easy identify and manipulate the element so we had used an id to mark the element and become easy to manipulate the control without errors. We had also use an css class to give some styling to the map.

Like in other frameworks to use BingMaps API and Controls we should have a register acount, so we need to ask for a key to use the API. To ask your API key you should go the licensing bing WebSite to understand the terms and conditions and also the rules of the framework usage  (


After you have the API key is time to build our Map Callback function, for a organization reason we will create a separated file for this. The first action we should consider is to call the Map Control Constructor to inject in to the DIV the MAP surface.

function GetMap() {
//Create an instance off a Bing Map 8 control (passsing the id off the div containing the map and the bing maps credentials)
var map = new Microsoft.Maps.Map(‘#contactMap’, {
credentials: ‘put the credentials you have’,
zoom: 16});

The parameters passed to the constructor are the identifier of the HTML tag that will render the Maps logic, the development keys and the inital zoom level.

using a variable to save a pointer to the mapcontrol is very useful to grant that we can call methods over the Map control to obtain information and change options, in our case we will define the zoom boundaries and to put a pin on an address.

//set initial zoom boundaries to grant a good experience to be defined with the design
maxZoom: 22,
minZoom: 8

The map Pin in Bing Maps are treated as autonomous entities you can have different pins representation and different actions. To create a new Pin over the Map we have first to instantiate the object

var pushpin = new Microsoft.Maps.Pushpin(map.getCenter(), {
icon: ‘iconpinmapa.png’, //using PNG as pin
anchor: new Microsoft.Maps.Point(12, 39)

After that we can put the pin over the map.


To define a new pushpin we have the need to define what are the point where the pushpin should be present. The Microsoft.Mas.Point is the object that represents a point on the Map.

So at this moment we would have a BingMap in a web Page with a local marked. let´s see all the code together

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang=”en” xmlns=””&gt;
<meta charset=”utf-8″ />
<title>bing Maps for a contact adddress pin</title>
<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”stylesMap.css”>
<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’main.js’>
<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’; async defer>

<h1>Presenting a contact Map </h1>
Example off a bing map instance pointing to the address:


And the JavaScript file:

// JavaScript source code

//Function associated with the creation off a Contactpin Map
function GetMap() {
//Create an instance off a Bing Map 8 control (passsing the id off the div containing the map and the bing maps credentials)
var map = new Microsoft.Maps.Map(‘#contactMap’, {
credentials: ‘AhgeX3IV-9M5Ssvz4NLBdtxk1zF8o1qO5KCB9sAr2S8NT0zUe_tMCv8cG4umDSgq’,

zoom: 16


//set initial zoom boundaries to grant a good experience to be defined with the design
maxZoom: 22,
minZoom: 8

//Add your costume pin to the map

var pushpin = new Microsoft.Maps.Pushpin(map.getCenter(), {
icon: ‘iconpinmapa.png’, //using PNG as pin
anchor: new Microsoft.Maps.Point(12, 39)


And we are done with our first exercise, is very easy right?! Maybe next time you need some map you can now consider this platform, for me BingMaps object-oriented approach make him very easy and high extensible and configurable. Other strong point is the fact that Bing Maps has different integrations support and the API follows the same API approach for the different platforms.




Soon i will bring you more informtion off what i had been discovering and playing lately, until then there is some clues.

“Redmond” will make a virtual event on 13 September to give some insights off his vision for the future on Digital.


The main bullets off the Agenda Are Machine Learning, IOT the relation human Machine and how in the Microsoft Vision this can have impact on Digital Ecosystem/Business.

I think can be a very interesting Event for the ones who are being consulted to bring value to the brands on digital but also for the developer’s and Architects to understand how the digital are changing on this areas.

To know more and book the event go to