NetPonto reunião 80 Lisbon

Posted: May 22, 2019 in .NET

Next saturday NETPonto community will meet in lisbon for his 80 technical meeting, this time the meeting point will be Instituto Superior de Engenhária de Lisboa (ISEL) on off the oldest engeniering schools of portugal know as one of the technical meca of the computer engeniering learning.

I am a suspect to talk about this becouse ISEL was the place where i had one day dream to study and later where i had dream to be a eng.

NETPonto as you all know is one of the most insightfull and repected technical community in Portugal.


The agenda is also very interesting with  core concepts, not common in public presentations, like per example the second session of my good old friend Pedro Rosa about Garbage Collection.

So with all this what do you need more to come to visit us?!

Hope to see you there 😉


Join us !

Microsoft build 2019

Posted: May 11, 2019 in Events

The major Microsoft event was last week, for our reads i would like to shre what i think was the main takeaways.


– “vision for intelligent agents that leverage breakthroughs in conversational AI and machine learning pioneered by Semantic Machines, which Microsoft acquired in May 2018. We’re showcasing a calendaring application of the technology that can make organizing your day with an intelligent assistant a more natural and powerful experience, and the same technology will eventually be integrated into our conversational AI moving forward across all of Microsoft’s products and services. (”

  • The solver problems orientation of this Microsoft
  • The changes in to the Operating systems kernel

This year i will not write explaining the major highlights since in the following links we have an excellent “resumé” of what had happen at Build.



Looking to this conference and to Facebook F8 and Google IO i think we will have a fantastic year of new things happening. IA and Data will be king. Developer’s Architects and Techy guys will have a lot to study.

Seems promissing this year!

DEVOPS is a trend in IT sector, if you are Developer or System Administrator or even Tester all you had ear about DEVOp’s.

Even more important  our Bosses had also ear about and think is great and will solve everything in a couple of seconds.

For sometime i had work and was the architect of DEVOP’s sported projects i even had give mentoring related with this topic.

Last week i had been reviewing a book i would like i had read at the begining of my DEVOP’s road and i am sure is a great book to help the ones whos strating or deciding about DEVOP’s.

But even more important you can read for free the first 6 chapters that are the most important!


you can download it here


The development ecosystem is a race without a final road. Fortunally we can not say that we don’t have new things to digg every day.

But for business development managers and sales people this can be many times a problem, also for new developers is hard to know where to start.

Every january a lot of articles come out about what will be the most have, the have to know, the most payed, the trend for…

A confusion and a lot of mismatch information.

I think that is what makes the infographics and notes of Kamran Ahmed interesting.



In this article the author presents the roadmap for specialization for diferent developer roads, ilustrating with real technology and tools for each role. That is what makes this article real interesting.

Thanks Kamran Ahmed for writing and sharing this piece of good KB.

Find up more in


The Future in preview in lisbon

Posted: January 19, 2019 in Events

In the end of the month we will have a technical event that really worths all the community attention, the name is Building the future (

This is the event that we all have been waiting for t a long time.



The event comes by the end off Microsoft and has the envolving off all the Portuguese enterprise, we will have in this event great names not only from the technical outlook but all so from the business and marketing side.

I will be there and i will try to bring the major ideias for our blog and also some resources.

For now i will say just for you all stay tune, try to go to the event and finnally thank Microsoft and future builders to bing this to the communities and technical ecosystem in Portugal.



Ergonomic Portable for Laptop

Posted: January 8, 2019 in Anouncements

In the past few days i had try a new Ergonomic Laptop older, the results are very suprising and i most confess this is a product wo worths a test drive for people that work everywhere like us.

(all the credits of te photo to the reseller


And everything is good? Now theres some things for sure i would remove from the structure like the mouse holder and the price.


Visual Code for PHP development

Posted: November 8, 2018 in Anouncements

After Visual Studio, Visual Code is my favourite IDE.

Visual Code is quick, is clean is simple and very extensible. In the past months i had been working with PHP and the first things every Developer should grant is the enabling of debug actions on the IDE.

I discover today that the process is not none by everyone so i am posting youtube video from Lyall van der Linde that explians step by step what you need to do.

Full video on

All the copy rights of this KB goes to Lyall van der Linde