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Today i had the chance to be the speaker of a live stream  Masterclass on the Microsoft Journey to WebSummit initiative.

The topic of my Masterclass was Progressive Web Application introductions and the long path we had walk until this moment. In my opinion Progressive Web Apps may really be the best big thing on Mobile development.


The thing that i had learned while i had been experiencing and digging the PWA concepts is that to be succeeded we most have control of the Mobile Web technical bases and also the PWA Concepts.

In this session the main focus was the angular stones of PWA, and how to build your first PWA, i had spend also sometime around Service Workers that more then a buzz word is the hotwst thing in Web development.

The session was deliver in English and since i hadn’t have any opportunity to interact with the audiance, i was litle seek and a development tool error didn’t allow me to build a full demo from scratch.

You can download the slides of my session and reuse it if you need from

I would share in the next posts some basic concepts and development pratices to:

  • Windows Hosted Web APPS
  • Progressive Web APPS
  • Service Workers


Is one off the best times to start with the Cross Platform APP if you are a .Net core developer or if you need to build LOB or cross platform apps.

Not only the Mono touch had become a Framework with full support to all the Mobile challenges today, but also is one-off the few platform that allow us to have full integrated a continuous development test and deliver system



If this is all new for you take a look at the follow links to learn what’s happening in Xamarin Devop’s field:

For these days Xamarin is also asking his experts to take development message and to share their knowledge around the world in a coordinated by Xamarin world wide event.

You can see when is your city time at:

In Portugal, Lisbon is the hoster for the event and i will had the pleasure to speak about Xamarin Forms,a technology that have been one excellent tools in my freeller live and in some apps i had launch in the past and had been also a important tool on the company where i work.

Here you have the direct link to the event

if you are in Lisbon don’t louse your chance to have the afternoon hands lab with some off the market experts in corss platform development field.


Windows 10 continues to grow and their bits are almost ready for all of us use as our cross-platform operating system.

One of the main question off all Windows platforms users is how Windows 10 will behave on Windows 10.

For MVP’s, technology passionate and Windows platform developers we are anxious to start studying and developing for Windows 10 on the phone.

For the ones who want to use Windows 10 Preview on the phone today only the follow Lumias are eligible (Source Microsoft):

  • Lumia 630
  • Lumia 635
  • Lumia 636
  • Lumia 638
  • Lumia 730
  • Lumia 830

For the ones who had not seen nothing about Windows 10, i sugest you to listen about Windows 10 on the phone from the words of Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore in the following Video.


Last February i was nominated by Microsoft DPE circle as DPE Trainer to Windows 8.1 DevCamps.


I am really proud of this recognition by the Microsoft DPE Europe, will be a big resposability to teach and help developer’s and architects all over the place to be better developer’s or how to develop to this amazing platform that is Windows 8.1.

There is also the coniue of a training work i had been doing since the launch of Windows Phone and the pre release of Windows 8.

I am proud and acaiable for this envangelic chalenge to help each day the development community to understand and make a better usage of windows 8.1.

You can see and lear more about devcamps at



One of the problems related with Mobile development is the need of devices for testing, is impossible to have all the devices needed to make our test’s.


At some time i had look for a solution that can help the mobile solutions test. Last 2 weeks i had try a interesting platform, his name is Perfecto Mobile and is a sas service that can really help to automate our app testing and also to have remote access to a great number of devices.


This platform was a really nice suprise, not just for the base features i was looking for but also because this sas system has some integration with code repositories like TFS. A nice way to go if testing and give support to a great variety of devices is one off your drives.



Here it is an excellent post my smashing magazine abou how to make an viral app i recommend the reading to all who are thinking or creating apps




image credits smashing magazine