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PWA choices

Posted: May 23, 2018 in Anouncements, PWA
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For the last years i had been talking and experimenting some theorical PWA development, in my market PWA had been until a few weaks.

Today o had read a fantastic article about PWA choices from Smashing magazine and i thisnk would be very important to note that and share with the ones who had interest in this topics

All the merit to Smashing magazine and Aaron for the fantastic article.




“In computing, reactive programming is a declarative programming paradigm concerned with data streams and the propagation of change.
This means that it becomes possible to express static (e.g. arrays) or dynamic (e.g. event emitters) data streams with ease via the employed programming language(s), and that an inferred dependency within the associated execution model exists, which facilitates the automatic propagation of the change involved with data flow.”


Many of you know me as the .net guy or the Angular Guy, but what i always say is we should consider and understand the problem and his
ramifications before you go to the technical stack or ecosystem.

And that had bring me in to two projects where mobile and cross platform was a topic and that the interface was must reactive.
The best toolset for that would be React Native and that was the solution, every one who knows me no how i make the choice and why i
choose so many times Angular or View over Angular, but that would be another post.

The buttom line is that i have launch 2 mobile projects powered by React Native one with a team and another as one man show and have deliver also some SPA’s in React.js.


God knows how much i think React is powerfull and how many times i say that not always having a good use especially in teams.

React is one off that technologies to easy and quick to enter, and many times difficult to make a right use.

That´s why after many requests i will launch soon a workshop where i will teach everything i had learn and the best pratices i have.

So keep tone and i hope soon to bring you all my trenches lessons of react.

And will be great to see the comparation, wins and lost of different toolsets to same problems, and how to excel with web development 🙂 of you around Portugal i hope to see you on

“React Foundations” from the trenches 32 hours of no bullshit or marketing but straight on real world training

The Web is more then just…

Posted: April 14, 2018 in Anouncements

An excelent article to remember us all what the internet is, special for developers

proud logo

Posted: April 12, 2018 in Anouncements

I recieved yesterday a steaker that i am very proud of recieving, a online initiative that i am proud that we have in Portugal for the quality and mission.


Soon you will see why this had come to my desk ;). Thanks Portugal a Programar

Angular and PWA

Posted: April 11, 2018 in Anouncements

One question that i recieve a lot about Angular is his relation with PWA. Heres a good article about the topic

A couple weak’s i’had leave Innovagency where i’had my main role as CTO. Wouldn’t be fair if I won’t public thank’s this team for all the work and dreams we had made together.

My mission was to help the company to excel and achieve new technical levels. I choose to leave in the moment where I had the feeling off mission accomplish, and boy sometimes we really excel.

Thanks to the company and the opportunities they lead me, to all the teams for the amazing work we had done together and also the guts to listen sometimes the insanity and dreams of this CTO.


Was great to work where personally i’ had learn a lot with all my colleagues, partners and clients and i am grateful for that, but sometimes we feel that is time to take a different road. I leave a lot of me here and take a lot also and that’s super. I will keep close and for sure we will keep seeing great achievements from this company.

A special thanks also to our clients and partners who had bring us so many interesting projects.

What about now?! I am on holidays and working my mind (yes thinking can be worky lol ) on what would come next.

To all the innovagenciers out there 😉 keep rocking and thanks for all


Angular 5 excellent whats new catch

Posted: February 22, 2018 in Anouncements

A excellent Catch of what Angular 5 is about