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Today i had the chance to be the speaker of a live stream  Masterclass on the Microsoft Journey to WebSummit initiative.

The topic of my Masterclass was Progressive Web Application introductions and the long path we had walk until this moment. In my opinion Progressive Web Apps may really be the best big thing on Mobile development.


The thing that i had learned while i had been experiencing and digging the PWA concepts is that to be succeeded we most have control of the Mobile Web technical bases and also the PWA Concepts.

In this session the main focus was the angular stones of PWA, and how to build your first PWA, i had spend also sometime around Service Workers that more then a buzz word is the hotwst thing in Web development.

The session was deliver in English and since i hadn’t have any opportunity to interact with the audiance, i was litle seek and a development tool error didn’t allow me to build a full demo from scratch.

You can download the slides of my session and reuse it if you need from

I would share in the next posts some basic concepts and development pratices to:

  • Windows Hosted Web APPS
  • Progressive Web APPS
  • Service Workers


On first October of 2016, i had received a nomination as Microsoft Most Value Professional by Microsoft.



I want to thanks Microsoft for the recognition, and for the opportunity to receive this prize once again and with him the opportunity to help technical communities, technical partners and players to grow and to understand in deep our state of the art.

I Would like also to thanks to:

  • My lovely and beauty wife for the understanding and support on my technical adventures;
  • To my baby daughter for helping me to remember every day how is to be a child, something very similar to be engineer;
  • To all the Persons with i had work in the different technical projects and roles off my career in the past year, are them the responsible and helpers of my legacy;
  • To the other MVP’s who had until now give me all the support and companion to live this technical Passion;
  • My students and persons who i had mentor that had challenge and feed my critical sense and KB hungry;

Is the third time i received this Prize and as the first time i have no words to describe all the motivation this recognition give me.