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After some deserved holidays and a long run off months studying and running in to new projects, i had back to stage to talk about E-.Commerce pratices and trends.

This talk was at the Edit Industry Sessions last saturday in Lisbon and i had the honour to share the stage and the presentation with José a excelent professional from Farfetch.

An ionteresting thing about me and José is that both love UX but while i am from the dark Development World and José comes from the bright criative universe. Bnoth off us give classes about responsive in the same Course but at different Portuguese Cities.


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Was a great pelasure to work with José on this presentation and to have the opportunity to show to our communities how E-Comerce can be better the do’s and dont’s and what are the next chapters we will make.

Next saturday we will be back on stage this time in Porto, and we have some ideias to the presentation to bring even more to our industry collegues.

Soon we will have at slideshare the presentation

ps: All the credits off post images goes to Edit.


Nowadays is possible to build an windows store app that will work cross Windows platform, i mean it would work in Windows 8.1, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.1.

The support for this developing model was announced by Microsoft  sometime ago.

Universal Diagram

This development support was made in 3 phases a first phase when it was supported using defines in the code, a second phase with the Shared code and override concepts (

In my opinion the way Microsoft build this universal development environment was the right one and comparing with the other players i would say that for developer’s this is the better platform.

The universal development model respects the fact that HTML 5 is a first class citizen and with WinJS a way to code natively to all the Microsoft Windows 8.1 platform.

Some months ago i start with a team at Innovagency the promotion of a big Windows 8.1 store app (only desktop and tablet) to Universal APP to bring also the support to the Windows Phone. The original app was developend in HTML 5 and WinJS and this new Universal app will also be developed that way.

When developing a Windows Store Universal app there are a lot of chalenges nowadays and one off them is what native controls exists in the different flavors of the platform. Especially in the case off WinJS controls not all controls had come to Windows 8.1 on the phone.

Microsoft had decided not to implement the following WinJS controls on the Windows Phone.

Object name Description
BackButton object and all its members Not needed. Apps that target Windows Phone should listen for the hardware backbutton event. See WinJS.Application.onbackclick
CellSpanningLayout and all its members Use GridLayout or ListLayout instead.
DatePicker object and all its members Use SELECT and OPTION HTML elements.
Hub object and all its members Replace with the Pivot control. See section above.
HubSection object and all its members Replace with the Pivot and PivotItem controls. See previous section.
SwipeBehavior enumeration Replace with phone-appropriate gestures.
Flyout object and all its members Navigate to a new page or use the Windows.UI.Popup context menus.
Menu object and all its members Navigate to a new page or use the Windows.UI.Popup context menus.
MenuCommand objectand all its members Navigate to a new page or use the Windows.UI.Popup context menus.
NavBar object and all its members Replace with AppBar and AppBarCommand controls.
NavBarCommand objectand all its members Replace with AppBar and AppBarCommand controls.
NavBarContainer objectand all its members Replace with AppBar and AppBarCommand controls.
Rating object and all its members Use SELECT and OPTION HTML elements.
SearchBox object and all its members Use INPUT HTML element with the type attribute “text”.
SettingsFlyout object and all its members Navigate to a new page or use the Windows.UI.Popup context menus.
TimePicker object and all its members Use SELECT and OPTION elements.
Tooltip object and all its members Navigate to a new page or use the Windows.UI.Popup context menus.

Source of this table can be found at Microsoft in the following URL:

This means when building Windows Universal APPs this controls will be considered not supported s cross platform since they are not supported by the rendering engine of Windows Phone 8.1

At this time our reader may say but i had listen/read that WINRT is shared along the distributions of Windows 8.1, true but only partial.

One off the controls that is not shared in WinJS is the DatePicker, the main reason for that is that in HTML and Javascript there are many ways to build Date Pickers, but imagine that you are promoting a Windows Store app that was built-in HTML to a Universal APP.

Or let’s imagine that we really need or want to have the Date Picker the same way you are used to in WinJS when building Windows apps. We understand the Microsoft option but this disruption is not uniform with what happen in the XAML development UI model.

In my team case we were promotion a Windows Store APP to Universal APP and we get in trouble since we have a lot of user interface logic based on the DatePicker.

The optimal solotion would be to have the control in both devives ( phone and desktop/tablets) or at least a control that has the same behaviour and methods.

Sebastian Gomez is a developer who had the same problem and had strat to build a first implementation of WinJS datePicker ( ). The only problem to use this in the context we had present above is that thiss control does not map every methods and properties the original WinJS control have.

Me and my team had extend the explendid work of SebaGomez and anchieve a solution that give us that desired behaviour, we had mantain gomez as the prefix of the namespace as a way to mantain the intelectual property to Gomez.

The instation of the control can be made the same way as a common WinJS control or the original WInJS control of Windows.

First of all you should copy the files  Goomez.UI.DatePickerv2.js (implementation of the date picker ) and rx.lite.js (heper class to make easy the implementation of the DatePicker control) to your development enviroment.

In the view where you intend to instatiate the DatePicker:

– in the head make a reference to the files needed respecting the order of the files



– You can instatiate the control using a HTML tag where you declare the type of the control as being our control, like in others WINJS cases


– you can also instatiate the control dynamic form like you would do with any other WinJs control.

As you would do in a normal WinJS control. The usage of this control in the code is the same you are used to in WinJs controls. We had tried to implement every method’s the original WinJS DatePicker has in their interfaces.

I terms of interface the user experience is similar to the native datepicker avaiable in Windows 8.1.

On challenge the ones who will use this control may feel, is how to interact directly with the control deleting or upgrading information, if that is the case always remember that you are dealing with select box, so remember the DOM concepts and will be as easy to use this control as is with the original DatePicker.

You can get our files from the github public repository amarreiros/WinjsDatePicker_Phone, feel free to use the code and collaborate.

You can also get the original DatePicker from SebaGomez GitHub.

A special thanks to Gomez for the initial code and also to my team in Innovagency who had correct some bugs my extension had.

With a lot coming on the technical press about Windows 10, and also the lack of knowledge about Windows 10 this had been one of the sentences i had ear a lot in the past months:

“What’s the best way to prepare the further ahead for Windows 10?” – clients


“What’s the way to get start developing for Windows 10 with so few information for non NDA developer’s” – developer


“I would like to see my app present in Windows 10 at his launch? How can we do that?” – Marketing and It client


Windows 10 is coming to every device the ecosystem keeps going from a device centric orientation to a cross device orientation, considering that the best way to be future ready in the Windows platform would be to go to Universal  development.


So the best way to plan the future in Windows Store is to build Universal Windows Apps or to promote Windows 8 and 8.1 to Universal App this from a enterprise and brand prespective, but also from a developer perspective.

If you are a brand know that by embracing the challenge of having a Windows Universal app you are planing for all the Windows platform ecosystem, this means Windows tablet, computers, hybrids and also Phone. You are also respecting the already known guidelines for Windows 10.



For the developer’s who hadn’t start yet developing Windows Universal Apps i would suggest you to take a look at the following material:

If you need any help or have some doubts feel free to contact me.

It was with excitement that i spend this day, i was curious to see the faces of my tech colleagues and pals when a new chapter of Windows 10 would be revealed.

see everything about the today’s event at:

Today a litle more of Windows 10 had been shown to the world. The hot topics of yesterday presentation and anoucements were:

Delivering Windows as a service

A free upgrade to Windows 10

The New experiences that Windows 10 brings

Was also a good opportunity to answer the doubts about what will happen to the Universal Windows Store App’s that many had been asking on the community.

Cortana and other usability and IA add ons were the bright sars of the presentation, also the gesture and agmented reality had been exposed.

In the past i was to say that Windows 8 was made for people was the first step to achieve what Windows 10 will continue. Persons are not all the same needs are different and personification and personalization on the digital is the track to unify digital and reality.

Just one more thought about yesterday presentation Terry Myerson was a giant on the stage, you can read also his excellent post explaining each step of this next chapter on

Windows 10 is each day closer to the user and with more information out here we will start to present the most tricky and techy things here.

Had you installed the preview already?


Last Month Microsoft Potugal had invite me to make 2 sessions at the Microsoft Tech Refresh an event to show the development community what’s new and what’s caming next you can have a look ate the agenda in the figure


I was responsible for the deliver of the sessions  Web Application Development using WinJs and Universal Apps Development using HTML 5 and WinJS.

Was a good experience once more i had discover that few people had explore and know the really potential to use HTMl and WinJS on the development of Windows store apps. Was a great event and i was blessed with a great audience in my sessions very interested people with the potential to raise a technical discussion taht will lead them to learn more.

Thanks Microsoft Portugal for this amazing opportunity and a special thanks to the technical community taht once more had recieve me very well at the stage.

You can find the resources of this sessions at my slideshare.

Last February i was nominated by Microsoft DPE circle as DPE Trainer to Windows 8.1 DevCamps.


I am really proud of this recognition by the Microsoft DPE Europe, will be a big resposability to teach and help developer’s and architects all over the place to be better developer’s or how to develop to this amazing platform that is Windows 8.1.

There is also the coniue of a training work i had been doing since the launch of Windows Phone and the pre release of Windows 8.

I am proud and acaiable for this envangelic chalenge to help each day the development community to understand and make a better usage of windows 8.1.

You can see and lear more about devcamps at



As you know i had made a presentation (in Portuguese) at the .netponto community last month (you can know more about that at


Some weeks ago the community had release the vídeo  of this presentation. So if you hadn’t the oportunity to be at this presentation and you are curious about Windows 8.1 and if you understand Portuguese take a look at the following link: